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Category: Home Remedies

How Yogurt is Good for Colon Health

Yogurt is amazing for colon health as they stop the bile from converting into carcinogenic acid, which otherwise is responsible for the onset of cancer in the body.

Yogurt can also be used as a face moisturizer as it can soften your face after applying it for 15 mins and than rinse it with cold water. You will get moisturized and baby skin.

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How Dark Chocolate can be Good for Heart

Although dark chocolate is not that good in taste but it’s good for our hearts. Recent studies have shown how taking small amounts of dark chocolate twice or thrice a week it helps in decreasing your blood pressure and regulate your heart. It also improves the blood flow and prevents the formation of blood clots. It also helps in preventing the situation of arteriosclerosis where the arteries become hard and stop working properly.

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How Aloe Vera can Strengthens our Immune System

Aloe vera juice is best for face and body plus it contains polysaccharides that stimulate macrophages which turn, prepare and make your immune system to fight against viruses. Its high antioxidants level makes it an immunity booster and helps combat the free-radicals. On other hand being an antipyretic, it is used to thwart fever.

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