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Do you fear the sheer?


The sheer trend has taken over the fashion world and refuses to get old any time soon. Season after season, models strut the runway baring it all flawlessly while street style stars are caught posing in transparent dresses too. But off the runway, in the real everyday world, this trend is a little tricky to pull off and it takes a very sheer line (pun intended) to go from classy to trashy.

We’ve grown into thinking that if we’re not used to something then it probably isn’t for us and we refuse to leave our “oh so precious comfort zone”.  Mastering the art of sheer can be a real struggle but worry not! With the right tips and tricks you can easily ace the look. All you need is the right balance to keep it covered, not feel exposed and voila!

Transparency has played a huge role in bringing out a very feminine and chic look and if worn correctly it can make quiet a fashion statement. For example Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. However, one cannot set standard ways on wearing the sheer; what works for one might not look so great on the other. There are a million ways on how you can wear it right! So one of them definitely has to work for you too!

There are a lot of points that you need to focus on when opting for sheer clothing, but the basic is to wear the right dress for the right occasion and everything else just follows.  Decide how you want to layer it and always remember, what’s underneath is just as important as what’s above.  Decide how much skin you’re willing to show and then simply play with color and cut to flatter your shape and size.

Here is how a few of the leading names of the fashion world played with sheer this season.
For Valentino spring 2015, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli mixed beautiful Italian seaside-themed prints onto a shining sheer mididress.
Veronique Branquinho offered a statement-making way to wear sheer: just a little hint of shimmering lining peeking out from a pleated gold skirt.
At Balmain, model Fei Fei Sun rocked sheer wide-leg pants. The trick to keeping it modest is to layer them under a minidress or long top and you’re good to go!

Just one rule,
It’s an overly exposed world, try to maintain your mystery and don’t flash it all! 😉