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Essential Tips For Healthy Nails


Pretty nails mean pretty hands, therefore it is very important to take proper care of your nails! Below is a list of 5 nail care tips and tricks:

  • Your nails are made of protein. Therefore you must have a proper intake of protein rich foods such as eggs, meat and beans. Drinking protein rich shakes or vitamin D supplements is also a good idea.


  • Garlic is a natural and effective way  to make your nails grow fast and strong. Apply garlic paste to your nails twice a week or simply cut a garlic  in half and rub it on your nails and let them absorb the juice.


  • Washing dishes may make your nails weak. Detergents can be harsh for your nails and affect its growth. To protect your hands and nails, always wear gloves.


  • Trim your nails regularly and apply petroleum jelly before going to bed. Always pick  good quality products.


  • Moisturize your nails with olive oil, take few drops of olive oil in your palm and rub it on your nails.


  • Avoid nail biting.

    nail biting

  • Avoid painting your nails with polishes than contain formaldehyde, toluene and sulfonamide. These chemicals are unhealthy for your nails. Use high end and good quality nail colors.

    nail polish