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Famous Actors who nearly killed themselves for an Oscar


Winning an Oscar takes more than just good acting. It takes extreme dedication and the willingness to put all the line and by that, we mean literally. Below are the examples of Actors who did just that and brought home the coveted Oscar.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is not new to endangering himself for the sake of good acting but in his latest movie, Revenant, he literally crossed all boundaries of human endurance. For his role he ate a bison liver raw despite being a vegetarian, spent time in frigid cold conditions and even slept in dead animal carcass. However it was well worth it in the end as it allowed Leo to bag his first Oscar Award in his 12 years of acting career.

Brie Larson

Most of us can’t even bear a single day of being locked up in a room with no Wi-Fi, imagine a whole month.To better prepare for her role in the movie, Room, Brie did exactly that. She described the experience as being emotionally draining and death like.The result was her giving a solid performance worthy of an Oscar.

Matthew McConaughey

For his role as an AIDS patient in the film Dallas buyers Club, Matthew lost nearly 22 kg (50 weight) of weight. Not only did it make him extremely weak but his vision was also effected . it took him more than a year to fully regain his eyesight.

Daniel Day-Lewis 


Day-Lewis doesn’t play the role of his character, he becomes his character. For his role as an Irish poet suffering from cerebral palsy, Day-Lewis refused to get off the wheel chair and in the process broke two of ribs. He also ordered crew members to carry him around whenever the need arose to get first-hand experience on what it feels like to a disabled person.

Hilary Swank


Hillary prepared for her role as a boxer in the movie, Million dollar Baby, by training as a real boxer at the famous Gleason’s Gym. Her demanding workout regimen quickly turned for the worst as she developed a life threatening blister on her food. The blister become infected and swelled to the size of a baseball. Had the infection reached her heart, it would have resulted in her death but luckily she got the treatment on time and is now an Oscar winning celebrity.

Heath Ledger

Ledger prepared for his role as the joke in the film the Dark Knight by locking himself in a hotel room to rehearse for his role and kept a diary in which he recorded Joker’s thoughts and feeling. Ledger got so involved in his role that many of his fellow cast and crew members became concerned about him.Regrettably Ledger died prematurely due to drug overdose and  won the award posthumously.

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