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Home Remedies All The Way From India!

Having long, shiny and thick hair is literally what every girl wants, who wouldn’t want to flaunt them? Getting those Rapunzel hair would be like a dream come true. Here are few home remedies to grow your hair in to lustrous and long ones!

Aloe Vera :


  • Snip off a few aloe leaves.
  • Cut each leaf in half to cause juice secretion.
  • Massage the juice into your hair roots. Using massaging movements improves blood circulation and ensures better absorption.
  • Leave the mask on for at least two hours. If you want, you can leave it overnight.

Cold Water :


Try to turn this into a habit. Cold water closes the pores and improves blood circulation, which in turn leads to faster hair growth. As an extra bonus, your hair will become noticeably shinier.

  • Rinse your hair as usual.
  • After using a conditioner or a mask, wash your hair with cold water.

Apple Cider Vinegar :

Homemade Vinegar galas apples on a table in a farmhouse

  • Wash your hair.
  • Use apple vinegar instead of hair conditioner.
  • Do not rinse it off – apple vinegar doesn’t possess a strong smell.

Hair Protein :


  • Take two room-temperature eggs.
  • Separate the whites from the yolks. Whip the whites, and apply them to the roots of your hair.
  • For added effect, you can wrap your head with shower cap and leave on.