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How To Ditch Soda For Good!

Most of us are so hooked to soda that it’s impossible to even imagine our lives without it. Whether its after food, before food, morning or night we WANT soda! It’s not a surprise that it has plenty of adverse affects, yet we crave love it. Who are we kidding? The moment a lip smacking soda touches your lip it’s like slurp and keesahw! So this discussion is basically about how can you actually make an effort and quit soda.

Getting rid of sodas for good is a lot like a blessing, with the scrumptious flavor comes in weight gain, bad skin, and of course cavity. So have a look at these easy hacks to avoid drinking soda.


Count Calories :

If you know precisely how much calories a canĀ holds, you will surely reduce the amount of soda intake. Since it obviously plays a crucial role in making those hips bigger! So keep a track of all your calorie consumption.

Half Soda Half Water :

Rather than consuming a pure glass of soda, why don’t you try blending it with water? It won’t taste as delicious but it won’t do as much damage too. So combine a half glass of water with a half glass of soda.

Flavor Up Your water :

If you believe that shifting to still water won’t be as amazing as soda, then try this method. Add a lemon, orange, or cucumber slices to a pitcher of water in your refrigerator, which can serve as a detour when you go hunting for a cold soda.

Go Slow :

The difficulty of ditching soda all at once will not be a piece of cake, so if you consume three glasses each day, cut it up to two, in two days minimize it to one, This method will help you get rid of sodas’ for good.

Treat Yourself On Special Occasions :

Just like any – sodas too fall under the category of junk food, well – treat it like one. Have a glass of it when you are at any special occasion. This way you won’t miss the taste a much.