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How to lose your weight in just 4 ways


The term “Rise and Shine” can only be true if you  your health is as good as you.

Here are four best and easy ways to lose weight  without exercise.

1- Drink Warm beverage-

Woman Drinking Glass of Water

Most of us prefer drinking cold water as it is demanded by our hot climate but if you want to lose your weight, you will have to think over your decision.

Switch to warm water ,  drinking warm water will fuller you fast and you wont have much desire to eat.

If its difficult to swallow warm water than do add any herbal tea bag like Green tea. This shall add flavor to your warm water.

2-  Say NO to TV-


We all know watching TV might cause us gain calories .

Sitting idle and watching TV is the main reason people gain weight as they aren’t doing anything but just sitting.

If you want to lose weight prefer going for a long walk and if not than atleast go to bed , you burn calories more faster while sleeping than watching TV.

3- Avoid eating in Loose clothes-



This might make you a little depressed, but the fact is if you wear loose clothes and eat wearing loose clothes than you tend to eat more.

It has been proven in studies that we eat more snacks wearing loose clothes as we never get to know how much weight we are gaining.

So the best way to know how much you gained after eating is wear fitted clothes as you might get the idea how much you have put on and this will help you will in avoiding all after snacks.

4-Add Spice to your Diet-


It has been proven by studies that when you consume spicy foods your metabolism increases.

Whenever you eat spicy meal your fat cells lessen.

So its time to add some spice to your diet.