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If You Want A Healthy Heart – This Is What You Must Have!

Taking care of your heart is more like a responsibility, you just have to be careful and keep it healthy. They say a healthy heart is healthy you. Here are few foods that you must have in order to have a healthy heart.

Broccoli :


This terrific green vegetable is low in cholesterol, high in fiber, and contains a wealth of antioxidants.

Green Tea :


Lower hypertension by pouring yourself a cup of this beverage long favored by Chinese herbalists for its medicinal benefits.

Oatmeal :


This fiber-rich super food can lower levels of LDL (or bad) cholesterol and help keep arteries clear.

Salmon :


Super-rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon can effectively reduce blood pressure and keep clotting at bay.

Citrus Food :


Citrus fruits are also high in vitamin C, which has been linked with a lower risk of heart disease.

Soy  :


Soy products contain high levels of polyunsaturated fats which are good for your health, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Plus they are also good for your blood pressure.

Potatoes :


As long as they are not deep fried they are pretty darn good! They’re rich in potassium, which can help lower blood pressure. And they’re high in fiber, which can lower the risk for heart disease.

Walnuts :


Unsalted walnuts are very beneficial for your health and are super healthy for your heart.

Olive Oil :


The extra virgin oil consists of all kinds of good fats and antioxidants to help unclog your arteries and is considerably more healthy for your heart than vegetable oil and its cholesterol-inducing “bad” fats.

Cauliflower :


It’s not green, but it is bursting with antioxidants, is high in fiber, and contains allicin, a component of garlic shown to help lower the risk of heart attacks and reduce cholesterol.