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Mahira Khan at The Lux Style Awards 2015

A round up of our favorite ‘Hamsafar’ girls glamorous looks from the Lux Style Award 2015.

Mahira Khan‬  rocked  the LSA2015‬ in a lovely Hobeika‬ dress with jewelry by Damas‬, and WOW did she look like a real life Disney princess or what!? Ball gown, glass slippers *hint* *hint* 

Who’s the hottest girl in the world? Our desi girl? Oh yes!
Mahira looked glamorous in this Feeha Jamshed sari with jewelry by Damas at the LSA2015.

The last and final look was a Cecilie Melli‬ dress and Kiran Fine Jewelry‬ , and damn! She actually looks like an angel from above with all that  feathery white look!

Which is your favorite look?