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Mahira Khan – The Women Who Doesn’t Age

The beautiful Mahira Khan takes the breath away of many. Women idolize her and men drool over her. She has come through a  long way. Have you ever seen the movie ‘The age of Adelin?’ Well just like that Mahira Khan, the 33 year old just doesn’t age! It’s like she has found some kind of Elixer of life.

The beauty secrets of Mahira Khan are just a scroll away!

In an interview Mahira stated that she has NEVER stepped in a gym, as hard as it is to believe, it’s true. She also said that she eats like there is no tomorrow.

For breakfast she eats 3 whole eggs, she says if she has enough time she would have them with paratha’s and if not bread is good enough.


For lunch she can have anything at all, she’s not too finicky but she does say she is crazy about burgers and rice.

Mahira says that the she’s lucky to have such that genes make her look super thin, and there is no such effort that she puts in.

Mahira says that she was not allowed to wear makeup at all from her mother’s side, so she asked her mother to give her something to make her skin beautiful, she said that her mother used to tell her about the mixture of honey and lemon”

The recipe of that is : add two teaspoon of honey with few drops of lemon and stir it well to form a mixture. The paste works like wonders, Mahira says.