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‘mirror mirror on the wall’

I love decorating with mirrors. They add glitter, they reflect light, they enlarge space, they add oomph.. so mirrors are a must in any room I do. The larger the better, if small in size then more the merrier! So you get the point.In a white room, carved, distressed, chalked white mirrors give a french look; add a little touch of french gray which is softer shade of a purply grey and the effect is natural, not too stuffy and carries character.Mirrors are wonderful if you want to give a room light and shimmer. An oversized mirror propped against a wall at a focal point in the room gives balance and symmetry [focal point is the place in a room where your eye lands first or ought to land first.

Get different sized mirrors framed in opulent gold, silver, distressed with touches of old gold and vermillion [many such framed ones are available at shops like Framers,need to frame them. art galleries] and place them at equidistant on a main wall. Cover the entire wall from top to bottom or cover a central portion of the wall leaving equal sides empty on either side. The mirrors can be placed at equal distant from each other and can be of different shapes and sizes.

I prefer the background wall to be of a darker shade as the mirror glitters against it but light colors work just as well. Another way with odd sized, different shaped mirrors is to create a more relaxed vintage look that looks spontaneous and not too though. Hanging mirrors with a chain, a leather strap, heavy rope strings, ribbons is also fantastic, and in this case you really don’t
need to frame them.