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Overnight Masks That Do Wonders!

The everyday busy schedule drives up your gear and when we talk about that perfect beauty and flawless skin it’s more like a ‘wish on a star’ thing, so there’s no surprise that we all want that. It’s depressing how we all are occupied with so much work, family and house chores that we get no me time. But fret not, we have got just the solution that’ll do the trick for you, WITHOUT compromising on the routines you so sincerely want to stick to. Here are some amazing face masks that promise you just the fresh and lustrous skin that you want just over the night. Their nurturing will make all the lack of moisture, damage, and dullness vanish by the morning you’ll wake up to a healthy skin.

Cucumber Mask :


It is a wonderful way to clear all the damage from your skin. All this mask uses is a teaspoonful of lime and cucumber juice, turmeric, and glycerin (especially, if you have a dry skin). Just wash your face and leave the mask to work its wonders, you’ll find a lightened, toned, and clearer skin in the morning. It’s great in remedying sunburns as well.

Almond Mask :


If it’s the color of your skin that you’re aiming to lighten, this almond face mask is a better choice than the skin care products. Just soak 3-4 almonds for a day, grind them and blend them into a smooth paste with some milk and that’s it – gone are your troubles of dark and dry skin!

Banana Mask :

home sweet banana yogurt in a glass jar
home sweet banana yogurt in a glass jar

The ingredients that you’re going to need are a mashed half banana, one egg white, and just a tablespoonful of curd. Work all of them together, blending into a smooth mixture and let the mask rest on your freshly washed skin. Banana being an amazing bet for bringing a glow in the skin, this face mask will give you the same effect like a parlor facial.