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Haleem Recipe

Yields1 Serving

 meat boneless:2lbs onion:1med Ginger Garlic paste:2tbs each red Chilli powder:2tbs
 haldi:1tbs Salt:2tsp dhania powder:3tbs Oil:2cup yogurt:1cup
 Garam masala:1tsp Green chillies paste:1tbs ground Mint leaves:1tbs Wheat:1cup
 Barley:1cup Chana dal:1/2cup Moong: 1/4cup Masoor:1/4cup Arahar:1/4cup rIce:1/2cup

Soak wheat & barley overnight and boil with 1tsp chilli & haldi powder make it tender and grind it. Add all dal & rice with enough water to cook and cook till tender and grind.


Heat oil, fry onion, add all masala, yogurt, roast for a while then add meat. Add water and cook till tender. Add dal & wheat mixture.


Grind it in a mixer or grind manually. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Add garam masala to this. serve with fried onion strips, lemon, cilantro, chopped ginger and chat masala.