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Sleep Your Way To Weight Loss


Eating and sleeping habits affect a person’s overall health therefore some people fall victim to obesity. Despite a busy schedule if people follow a routine of good habits they can lead a normal healthy life.

Did you know you can lose weight in your sleep? Some of the habits which need to be practiced before going to bed in order to stay away from gaining weight are listed below:

Early Dinner :
Experts unanimously agree and say that dinner should be taken 2-3 hrs before going to bed enabling food to be digested properly and have a sound sleep.

Include Meat In Your Diet:
Medical experts are of the opinion that meat contains amino acid Tryptophan which has essential ingredients responsible for producing sound sleep. Eating a few grams of meat a couple of hours before going to bed encourages a nice and healthy sleep. The deeper the sleep, the lesser the chances of weight gain.

Eat Chilies:
Many studies have proved the fact that chilies help in burning fat present in the body. Therefore using chilies in food speeds up the process of burning extra fat while asleep.


Taking protein before going to bed improves the digestive system. Researchers say people who eat around 30gms of protein in the evening bring relief to their digestive system because protein has a thermogenic effect which burns calories much faster producing heat and reducing fat deposition. The process is more efficient during sleep.


Mint is very helpful in reducing weight. Sniffing mint might help suppress hunger and decrease calorie intake! You can also add a few drops of mint oil on your pillow and sniff yourself to sleep and weight loss.

Sleep In A Cool Environment:

It is said the lesser the room temperature the more it would affect the fat cells by heating them and burning them faster. Keeping the room cool helps in burning fat much faster during sleep, thereby reducing weight.