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Surprising Facts to Know About Rangeela

Today, May 24, is the 11th death anniversary of Saeed Khan Rangeela, the famous Pakistani actor responsible for making so many of us laugh with his skillful acting and humor. Get to learn more about Rangeela with these five surprising facts about the late comedian.

Passion for Body Building

As a teenager, he had a keen interest in bodybuilding and would daily take part in intense physical exercises.

He used to paint billboards

Before his stellar career in the Pakistani entertainment industry, he used to work as a billboard painter in Lahore. It was only by chance that he landed in the acting career when, during a film shooting, he was called by the director as a replacement for an actor who had failed to appear.

He was a great singer as well

Apart from being a great actor and director, he was also a talented singer. It is said that his voice would bring tears into the eyes of many listeners.

He was married 3 times

In his life, he married a total of 3 times and 8 daughters and 6 sons from the marriages.