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The Cause Behind The Death of Rani

It has been 23 years since the death of the Pakistani actress known by the name of Rani. Throughout her career, she enjoyed great popularity in the subcontinent and remains today one of most successful actresses to come from the country. Though the official cause of her death has been linked to cancer, another equally grim factor played a role in her early death.

Much unlike her career, she did not enjoy much success in her personal life and was divorced three times. Early in her career, she married a renowned Pakistani director Hassan Tariq, with which she had a daughter named Rabia. However, their relationship became mired with conflict and they separated in the late 70s.

Soon afterwards, she married a producer named Mian Javed Qamar but he divorced her when he discovered she had cancer. During her treatment in London, she met Sarfaraz Nawaz, a famous cricketer and both quickly became close to each other and soon married. Initially the relationship proved to be successful and she helped him in his election campaign. However, later in the 80s, it became strained and for a third time, she was divorced.

Disheartened and lonely, her only reason for living was to see her daughter gets married. In 1993, a few days after her daughter’s marriage, she died at the age of 46 in Karachi. Upon hearing the news, her mother died and three months later, her only sister died.