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Top 10 Pakistani Dark Skinned Beauties!


Dare not put up a ‘dark; picture of yourself on matrimonial websites! Dark spells doom for girls hoping to meet their soul mates on match-making sites if they are not naturally light-skinned. Fair is lovely is what we’ve been fed over and over again by both the media and society.

Black is beautiful! One should always be confident and comfortable in their own skin without finding the need to go under the needle or fairness treatments!

Time and again, dusky actresses in Pakistan have faced the brunt of this racism, even though internationally, dark-skinned celebrities have done well for themselves. It can be easily said that it’s not easy being crowned a diva in a country that’s fairness-obsessed , but here are 10 dusky and dark skinned beauties who prove otherwise!

1. Aamina Sheikh


The dusky Aamina is not only beautiful but also a very accomplished actress and super model. Did the color of her skin limit her talent? We think not! In fact, the color of her skin only makes her look more attractive and hard to resist!

2. Amna Ilyas

amna ilyas
Model turned actress Amna Ilyas received the Lux Style Awards trophy for Best Female Model and used her acceptance speech to send across a strong message. “When I started modelling I got praise and criticism at the same time,” she said on stage. “I was repeatedly told ‘aye hai yeh to kaali hai’ (oh but she is so dark). Thank you Lux for helping me believe in myself. This goes out to all the dark-skinned girls.”

3. Sunita Marshal

Sunita Marshal1
Sunita Marshal is another hot diva who is dark skinned and beautiful!  She’s out there to challenge that dark is gorgeous and sexy! Gory rung ka zamana kabhi hoga na purana?

4. Maria Wasti

Maria Wasti is super talented and super good looking!  Sawali yet saloni! 

5. Iraj Manzoor

One of the leading models and an asset for the Pakistani fashion industry!  Iraj Manzoor is a  bold, beautiful and dark skinned style and fashion icon!

6. Sanam Saeed

Sanam saeed needs no introduction! From music to dramas and modeling to films, she’s EVERYWHERE  flaunting that gorgeous skin tone!

7. Amna Haq

Amna Shiekh is another model turned actress who rocks that color like a boss!

8. Zhalay Sarhadi

The jawani in Jalaibee, Zhalay Sarhadi is another name that is a must in this list of dark skinned divas!

9. Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung is a Pakistani actress, model and VJ, who appears in a number of  Pakistani serials. This woman is so gorgeous that she a  face of one of Pakistan’s most famous morning shows!

10. Shabnam


Timeless beauty, Shabnam is another name that proves that dark is beautiful and the color of your skin does not mean or limit  anything!