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Top 5 Social Media Posts That Broke The Internet

With the boom in social media activity, our private lives have become just a click away from public display.  Post, click, share and you create the perfect drama and platform for attention. From posting what you had for breakfast lunch or dinner, to displaying your relationship details, and displaying your talents, everything is shared on the social media.

Let alone the mango people, even celebrities are a huge part of this social media trend. Here is the list of top 5 social media posts in 2015 that broke the internet:

Justin Bibis
This was the most successful cover of Justin Biebers ‘Baby Baby’.  Two teenagers from Lahore, Saania and Muqqadas gave their own special touch to this song and the video got so viral that it almost broke the internet making them super famous with every click and share! These girls were EVERYWHERE! The Bibis became international Bibis when  BBC took notice of the talent.  Some said they gave “competition” to Bieber; others admitted that “Pakistan’s got talent”.
Their talent opened doors and they were further highlighted in the  Coca-Cola World Cup anthem where the Bibis participated with major starts in the industry.

Human of New York in Pakistan
Every Pakistani was anxiously waiting to bump into Brandon when the news first became official. Everyone wanted to be featured, but which city he would visit was a secret mystery to all. The photo blogger, Brandon Stanton visited Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and the Northern Areas collecting the love and stories. He returned the love he received by creating social awareness and collecting donations  amounting to nearly 2 million dollars to end bonded labour in Pakistan.

Chand Nawab and Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Reporter Chand Nawab probably thought he was doomed when his video went viral, he could never  have guessed that one of his career’s lowest moments could bring him to the heights of fame. The video crossed borders and created a place for him in Bollywood. Nawazuddin Siddiqui mimicked Chand Nawab in his blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan making Chand Nawab a hero from zero!

Asif and Mudassir’s friendship
Unless you’re a celebrity no one cares about your make ups or break ups! Absolutely no one cares if you’re still friends with your best friend or not. Well unless you’re a celebrity or Asif and Mudassir! In  September Asif made a Facebook declaration of his breakup with  Mudassir. The Facebook breakup and graphics gained immense attention, it displayed Asif with his new best friend Salman, while crossing out photograph of former friend Mudassir. The friendship was later regained when Salman ditched Asif for Norway.

Komal Rizvi’s Selfie with Edhi Sahab

The selfie trend is at its peak and we all are a part of it. Some selfies we post and some we regret even taking, Komal Rizvi posted a selfie that she will regret for years and years to come! She visited the ailing Edhi Sahab, took a selfie and posted on the social media! That selfie got more viral than any of her songs ever could, criticism followed and insanity broke the internet.