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Treat Diarrhea Naturally

Diarrhea can really take a toll on your body and cause more damage than you think, here’s how to treat it at home.


Diarrhea can make you really weak and needs to be treated early before it makes you very weak. Here are some home remedies.

1. Make up for the lost minerals by constantly sipping on electral powder or a mixture of lemon, water, salt and sugar, throughout the day. The will help restore energy.

2. Stay away from fibrous fruits and food products. Don’t have apple or prune juice as these are laxatives that can worsen your condition.

3. Have some strong coffee as it can help a great deal.

4. A mix of yogurt tempered with roasted fenugreek and cumin seeds is also great to regain body balance and cure diarrhea.

5. Avoid dairy products like milk, paneer, cheese etc. You can have only yogurt as it has healthy bacteria that strengthens your gut.