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What is the BEST time to eat?

One would wonder what has time to do with eating, any time would be the best time to eat. Food feels good at any hour, day or night, but that’s not really true. There’s a right time and the right way to do everything, and that includes eating too!

Gobbling down  food may sound very easy and simple in itself but sometimes  it is the smallest mistakes we make that make the biggest difference. Timing is important and time is the key that unlocks the chest that holds the treasure of health.

How often do you skip your breakfast or delay your meals due to a hectic routine? How often do you eat right before bedtime? What’s your take on midnight snacking?  Do you have long gaps between meals? The best times to eat can be a tricky question to answer, but worry not, we have it all covered.

Have a look and fix your timings


– Eat within 30 minutes of waking up
– Ideal time to have breakfast is 7am
– Do not delay breakfast later than 10am
– Make sure you have protein in your breakfast


– Ideal time to have lunch is 12.45pm
– Try and keep a gap of 4 hours between your breakfast and lunch
– Do not delay lunch later than 4pm.


– The ideal time to have dinner is before 7pm
– You should keep a gap of 3 hours between your dinner and bedtime
– Do not delay dinner later than 10pm
– Eating close to bedtime can interfere with the quality of sleep


– Never workout (especially weight training) on empty stomach
– The right pre-workout meal could be protein sandwich (with chicken, tuna etc), protein shake, scrambled egg with whole wheat bread, peanut butter sandwich