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Why Should You NEVER Use Anti-bacterial Soaps

Putting germs at bay is exactly what all of us desire, we intend to go an extra mile just to stay healthy. We opt for healthy food, avoid all the pollution, keep ourselves clean, above all there is probably no home that doesn’t have an antibacterial soap in their bathroom. But are you aware of the fact that using excess anti bacterial soaps can lead to a skin damage? Moreover it can be the source of countless problems.

It leads to skin dryness


Hormonal Imbalance is occurred


The results are equal to what a standard soap would do.

A new study by Michigan State University researchers found that only 5 percent of people who used the bathroom washed their hands long enough to kill the germs that can cause infections.

Excess use of anti bacterial soap can make you prone to allergies. Such as peanut allergies or hay fever.


Using anti bacterial soaps / hand washes can result in various diseases, ailments like thyroid are possible.


If you intend to give up on anti bacterial soaps, go for hand sanitizers. They work so much better, but there’s no doubt about the fact that excess use of anything results in collateral damages.

Hand Washing, using sanitizing gel